Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Car Accident

Thursday, September 30th, my family and I were on vacation at Sea watch Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC.  we loved the place, and had been having a great time.

My oldest son had some money burning a hole in his pocket, so we agreed to go to a toy store.  Before that, my wife and I, along with our two youngest children, would head over to a book store and peruse while my parents got ready and took our remaining three kids out.

This was the first time I'd driven without having my Droid X on in GPS mode.  I was giving the road my undivided attention, and was trying to figure out where it came out.  It was a 35, but I was doing more like 25.

I came up on an intersection that looked like this:
.. except there's now shrubbery overgrowing the stop sign.  I didn't see it.  It's not that I was texting, nor talking, nor driving under any kind of influence; I just didn't see it.

I remember hearing Cindy say, "Look out", and then I noticed the stop sign, but it looked as if I had plenty of distance to stop.  I also remember glancing left and seeing something blue.

The next thing I knew, I was talking to someone I'd never met before standing at the driver's door.  I looked down and saw that my airbag had deployed, and that the passenger seat bag had as well.  I saw Cindy standing outside of the car with the babies.

We'd gotten hit pretty hard:
Thank God, the babies, my wife, and the other driver were all ok, but the van is totalled.

I got my first ambulance ride, followed by some cat scans and x rays.

My shoulder was giving me quite a lot of pain, and I felt disoriented.  Turns out I had a hematoma (blood in the brain) and a broken left clavicle (collar bone).

So here's how it all pans out; I don't have a vehicle in which I can fit my entire family right now, and I can't drive, so I'll be relying on the kindness of others for a while while I heal.  However, while I thought, after we paid off the car, that we'd cancelled full coverage and only kept liability insurance, we hadn't, which will be a great help in the face of the coming hospital bills and auto costs.

I still have my health, and I still have a job.  I feel terrible physically, but I've seen my God's hand at work in keeping my family safe, in saving me from even worse obstacles than those which my family and I face.

We really did have a great time, aside from this incident.


  1. I think I'll go post some pictures of the FUN part this afternoon. <3

  2. Praise the Lord, His hand was on you through this. We are not able to carry full insurance and must rely on the grace of God to keep us safe. Glad the rest of your vacation was a good time.

    1. Yes, praise the Lord! He always knows exactly what we need. So I'm going to stop moaning about my poor Sienna now. ;-)

  3. A hematoma and a fractured shoulder certainly hurt. How are you managing? But I’m glad that your kids did not suffer any major injuries, but the photos say the opposite about your car. The front part was a total wreck! It would be best to process the insurance immediately. I would suggest that you get yourself a capable lawyer to walk you through the process and assist you in any legal matters.

    Raleigh Crowl

  4. The injuries you suffered seem terrible! How have you been coping? The time needed for a bone to heal varies from person to person, but bones typically take 6 to 8 weeks before they heal significantly. Have you filed for a personal injury claim? I think that would be handy in your case, especially since you have all your injuries. Any financial assistance you can get would greatly help.

    @Collin Deck

  5. Oh man, that’s a terrible injury! I’m sorry to hear about this, Jess. You just never know when accidents will happen. How are the legal matters going, so far? I’m praying for your fast recovery. Keep safe!

    Javier Hoppes

  6. It’s been almost two months since this accident happened, so I hope you’re doing well now. Hmm, it’s a good thing that you made this post and had pictures of the accident. You can use this as references when you settle your insurance claim. In the end, I’m just glad to know that you’re all safe. :)

    Amy Baron

  7. I’m glad things weren’t too bad. This is a learning experience. It shows that, no matter how focused and disciplined you are as a driver, accidents can still happen. It was terrible not having a car, but this will make you more careful the time you drive again. Always slow down when turning a corner, not only to avoid hitting cars and pavements, but also to prevent missing road signs.

    -->Nannie Leick