Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm not dead..

.. despite my prolonged absence from.. well, life, really.

I've not been posting to message boards I usually frequent, I've not been writing, studying, living.


Well, lessee. It started with the admission that I suffer from depression. "Yeah," says those of you that know me, "like we didn't know." So after quite a bit of prayer, discussion, and thought, I came to realize that the cause wasn't a problem I could fix, and was probably chemical. So I asked for medical treatment. I was given a prescription for Prozac.

Then I started getting migraine headaches every single day.

My life for the past two months has been a kind of living death, and that's not my analogy. While laying in bed one afternoon, my six year old told my middle son that it sounded like "there's a zombie in the bedroom." He also said "I wish Daddy would be a Dad again."

I've been weaning myself off of Prozac. I think (hope) that the frequency of headaches is lessening. I feel more myself than I have in quite a while anyway.

David and I played chess tonight, Jonah and I played checkers. I had some ideas for short fiction, I'm writing this, so I must be getting back to myself.

I've missed humanity. It's nice to be back. As I told Cindy the other day, I may have some small idea of what Lazarus may have felt like.


  1. Missed you. Still do. Blog more! (You know, so I can kinda sorta talk to you even when you're not home.