Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tom Tebow Ad - Major Dissapointment

My wife and I don't have cable; those funds are better served adding to our down payment. So we haven't been watching the super bowl. (Yep, I used lower case. It's a football game folks.)

I did, however, see folks twittering about the ad. An example:

That Tim Tebow commercial was freaking stupid.. someone please slap that family.. #Fail

So, with much hope and some trepidation, I trekked over to the FocusOnTheFamily website, and sure enough, they have the video available right off of the main page.

The tweets are correct; that ad was a disappointment.

  • The struggle to get the kind of funding for that ad was gigantic.
  • This was the first time an ad on a topic like this has ever been allowed during the stupid super bowl. The Pro Choice side won't hesitate to take advantage of this gap, and their better funded.
See the problem? This chance will never come again. The ad FotF aired built up a huge amount of controversy, and then aired with no mention of the very notion of a choice existing, of Pam Tebow choosing to bring Tom into the world.

The missus suggested that perhaps FotF pulled a rope-a-dope; after having seen NOW throw a fit, they toned down the ad to take the high road and make the opposition look foolish. Alternatively, perhaps the networks refused any ad that mentioned certain vocabulary.

In either case, Focus failed their mission miserably. The goal was to bring a message to the largest single television audience that life is a choice, and to illustrate the amazing potential every single human life has. Instead, they brought a cryptic bit of nonsense that, if anything, seems to be an ad about health awareness, not abortion.

If this was indeed a rope-a-dope, shame on them. It was a false supposition that that audience knew about the ad before they saw it; it's exactly that audience that hadn't heard, because they don't watch the news, they don't take the time to follow up, that they need to reach. Those folks aren't going to get anything from the millions of dollars Focus spent.

If it was the networks, then Focus wasted the political position of opening the wedge into super bowl ads. The opposition will waste no time in gearing up for next year, and they will play hard ball (no pun intended, sorry) to make certain that they can use whatever vocabulary and imagery they can to get their message through.

I am deeply saddened by this. In the commercial, Pam gets tackled by her son, which comes as a nasty surprise, but she recovers well. I think Pro Life will have to do the same.

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