Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks Massachusetts

I grew up moving between New England and North Carolina. In New England, I spent many years in Everett, Massachusetts. It was a suburb just outside of Boston. Nice place, I suppose; I was really small then, so I don't remember it well beyond a few blocks.

One story I do remember, though. My family and I walked up to Broadway to see a parade one Fourth of July when along comes the then Governer Mike Dukakis (yeah, the shrimp on the tank who ran against Bush that year). I believe this was in 84, so this would have been his second term, making me just shy of seven years old. He's glad handing the crowd, all smiles. We'd just moved up from NC, and my accent had reset back to Deep South mode. Sure enough, he makes a beeline for me.

"How ah yah?" says the great man.
"Hah," says I.
"Woah, weah you from?" he says, hearing my accent.
"North Carolina."
"I have a friend down theyah named Jim Hunt, have you evah heard of him?" he ask me.
"Yes sir," I say, "my daddy says he's an as***le."
Off goes Mr. Dukakis, leaving my laughing family to buy a very confused little boy ice cream without explaining why.

I never, ever would have expected Mass to elect Scott Brown. I remember learning to call my home state "Taxachusetts" in grade school, all the while hearing about the virtues of labor unions. Now that it's happened, though, it makes perfect sense.

I think Obama won the election because we expected him to come through on his promises of change. Yet a year later, we see more promises broken. He promised us that these health care negotiations would be open to the public, that he would lead a non partisan effort yet the last round has been behind closed doors and strictly partisan.

I'm still confused as to why health care is the issue we're all being distracted by, when the economic disaster we were all so terrified of has not been addressed for a year, but merely postponed. The foreclosure rate is increasing, the jobless rates are getting worse, and the best the administration can come up with is to punish the banking industry for offering bonuses? Health care might be an important issue, but it lacks the urgency the economy needs.

I think Massachusetts knows that, and that's why Scott Brown won.

Of course, the talking heads this morning were full of spin on how this is all because of how Obama took over a host of problems from previous administrations. Well of course he did, he asked us for them. Begged us for them, told us he could handle them. Then spent a year ignoring the most urgent of them, except for pulling out these ridiculous statements like "green jobs." Oh sure, they sound great until you examine them. For example, "let's build wind farms." The first government sponsored wind farm is to be built in Texas, and they're buying the turbines from China. Pray explain to me how this will create jobs in the USA? How it will do anything but send our dwindling cash value out of the country to the same people we already owe money to? That and his lunacy about "caulking our windows", yeah that'll create jobs. For a month.

That's aside from the rest of his wastrel activities such as trips with Oprah to pitch the Olympics in Chicago, accepting a Nobel Prize for Not Being George W Bush Whilst Fighting The Same Useless Bloody War, and of course getting nothing done in Copenhagen. I'm actually pleased with the latter, though.

This isn't over yet, but there is hope. Come mid term elections, I think the writing is very clearly on the wall in very bright neon. Obama just got the worst anniversary present ever; a lost of the filibuster-proof majority. I'm hoping next year, if he hasn't bankrupted the country in the immediate sense, or my children in the long term, he gets an even crappier one.

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  1. I'd say we're all "distracted" by healthcare because the Democrats are using healthcare to try to grab the ultimate liberty from us: the power of life and death. They won't let up on trying to take huge amounts of our earned money to give us an inferior system to what we have now, all while making our health, our bodies, and our choices the business of the government, which is not going to have our best interests at heart, but is going to be very interested in controlling our behavior. That's why it's about healthcare. They made it about healthcare.

    Sorry about the run-on sentences and incoherent thought. I'm in a hurry.