Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sony Reader 300

This was the Christmas of eReaders. Cindy got me a Sony Reader, and my mother got us a Kindle.

Cindy got the Kindle, and I carry the Sony.

Epaper makes for fascinating reading on how it works; the schemes on colorizing it are even more fun, and worth a trip through Wikipedia.

The Sony and the Kindle are two very different pieces of hardware. Picking one depends very much on what it is that you intend to do with it, and what kind of consumer you are.

Cindy is a homeschooling mom who collects Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks. She uses Amazon heavily, she has no stake in previous data, and she's not a nerd. Price point wasn't an issue since it was gifted. Having to sync to a PC is next to impossible for a lady who's always got both hands around children, spoons, books, papers, whiteboard markers, etc, so Whispernet, the EVDO wireless connection Amazon uses to update the Kindle remotely (as well as allow you to surf Wikipedia for free) works out well for her.

I, on the other hand, am a geek. A hopeless nerd. I've been reading ebooks since the Apple Newton, and I've amassed a pretty large collection of existing data, so Whispernet isn't necessary; that, and I read a whole lot of white papers. I also test POS software, so epaper rocks since you can stick barcodes on it and they scan on pretty much everything.

I've been really enjoying managing my books with with Calibre, which does for books what XBMC does for video; it'll obtain metadata, manage collections, and will sync quite nicely with your Sony or Kindle.

I love this thing. I've probably read somewhere in the neighborhood of eight thousand pages since I got the thing, and it's such a magnificent reduction on eye strain!

I've sold my iPod, since eBooks were really the last thing I was doing with it. (Back to Creative Zen for mp3 needs.)

Now if you'll excuse me, it's back to the NIST Consumer Package Labeling Guide. Good times...

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