Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama Administration - Might makes Right

Imagine that I went to court cause I mugged some guys.

"See, yer honor," I said, "I lent two guys some money. One guy payed my back, but the other guy didn't. I really need my money, and now I'm losing money I could've been making in interest. So I rounded both guys up at gun point, and told them I was going to take a fee from them because I wasn't happy with the loans we made."

I am in the wrong in this, so I'm gonna pay the price, see? There's bigger guys than me with bigger guns, and they say that you can't renegotiate loans after you make them at gunpoint.

Of course, if the guy with the biggest gun of all decides to pull the same stunt, that's just life, isn't it?

Swallow your mob mentality hatred of them derned bankers for just a moment and think about what it is that's happening here for just a second. This is government sanctioned loan sharking, pure and simple. Will we appointing someone named Vinny the Knife as 'Collections Czar' now?

There's not even a pretense of justice here, people! Wake up!

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