Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CA to legalize Cannabis

I have no problem with this.
I don't partake, myself, but if you wanna, I don't mind. I feel the same way about motorcycle helmets.

Honestly, look at the "drug war". What has it cost us, who's winning, what have we won? We have people living incredible lifestyles because they happen to be at the top of the cartels, we have brave men dying, and for what? Did prohibition teach us nothing?

The war on drugs is nothing more then another futile attempt at crime prevention, which is not the purpose of law enforcement. "We can't allow you to do drugs, because you'll go out and do stupid things." Fine, then bust me when I do those things, because that is solely the purpose of your existence, otherwise you get to tell me what I can listen to, watch, what games I play.. sound familiar?

Funny that a conservative Christian is voicing the defense of his neighbor's right to watch and consume what he wants, isn't it?

What gets me about California is the reason why they're moving forward:

It is estimated that the proposed $50 tax on each ounce of marijuana sold, along with license fees charged to cultivators, would generate $1.3 billion a year to be used to pay for drug education and treatment. - LA Times
Yeah, bob; the jolly ol state of California, who's payin state employees w/ IOUs, is sure enough gonna use that money for drug education and treatment. Right. Why would you train people not to do something that creates revenue? Of course, the tobacco industry's been scratching it's collective head over that one for a long time now, so go figure.

Fascinating; we'll fight tooth and nail the proliferation of drugs.. until we're broke. Then we'll tax it, and it's ok.

I told you before, I'm ok with freedoms, I'm just curious about what moralities are next on the block in the name of revenue. Prostitution? Gambling? Midget tossing? California police academy graduates : If you're gunning for a spot in vice, you might rethink your strategy a bit..

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